myPV XFMR Sync

Transformer Staggered Energization …

Reliable, Repeatable, Audit-Proof

The XFMR Sync Controller is purpose-built for the automated time-delayed energization of transformers.

Compatible with Eaton’s Cooper RVAC In-Oil Motor Operated Switching Solutions.


When Facility’s are required to delay the energization of one or more transformers, the XFMR Sync Controller is the most dependable means to achieve audit-proof operation.

Originally built for direct interfacing with Eaton’s Cooper RVAC Motor Operator solution in 2017, the XFMR Sync has been continually improved to be compatible with the newest 2019 system as well.

Requiring no SCADA control or network dependancies, the XFMR Sync is a proven means to pass audit testing, as well as perform reliably for years under real world conditions.


  • Fail-To-Safe Operation
    Battery backed-up to ensure OPEN on loss of power

  • Prioritized Operation Over Charging
    Even if battery back-up is depleted following a prolonged outage window, the XFMR Sync will prioritize motor operation, ensuring CLOSE of the transformer.
  • Triggered On Voltage
    No complicated networks or SCADA controls, the XFMR Sync trigger’s its self-contained automation on the presence or loss of voltage.

  • Intelligent Switching
    The XFMR Sync’s built-in quick-learn functionality adjusts motor operation CLOSE timing to ensure precise and repeatable CLOSE operations.


Every XFMR. Sync Controller arrives to your facility:

  • As a UL 508a Labeled Controls Solutions
  • UL/NEMA 4X UV Resistant, Non-Metalic Enclosure
  • RJ45 10/100BaseT(X) Fast Ethernet Switch
  • Wide Temperature Range Rated Electronics
  • 7Ah Battery Backup for Automation Control
  • SCADA Monitorable via Modbus TCP/IP


The Cooper RVAC is an excellent solution, but unfortunately it’s only available as a factory installed option at the time of original order of a Cooper transformer.

Whether your transformer requires an in-field retrofit, or simply a switching solution, click to learn more about the myPV El Jefe Motor Operator.

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