myPVTM IQ - Monitoring & Control Solution

myPVTM IQ is a family of compatible monitoring and control products for utility-scale PV solar projects.

Meet the myPVTM IQ Family

Products are Ready-to-Run


All myPV IQ products arrive ready to go. Simply mount, connect the network, and provide power.

TURNKEY, No programming or controls engineers required.

With a fully-charged integrated battery back-up, any myPVTM IQ products can be tested during construction before power is available.

All myPVTM IQ products designed by O&M professionals who wanted a better solution to meet the demands of real-word operating requirements.

Built-In Reliable Integration

& Plays Well
with Others too.

myPVTM IQ talks to any device using industry-standard Modbus RTU & TCP Interfaces.

UL 508a Controls Solutions. Industrial Grade Components.

myPVTM products easily integrate with existing Monitoring and SCADA platforms and deliver utility-class features to everyone.

Are you retrofitting an older system or looking for a powerful, cost-effective platform designed for PV solar? Let us show you myPV IQos. Contact us.


MET Station

A complete weather station solution with an intelligent VirtualMeter capability.

What should my PV solar plant be producing? The MET Station can tell you!

With the proprietary VirtualMeter capability, MyPV IQ’s MET Station uses parameters specific to your solar plant to calculate estimated power generation values for direct comparison to actual output.

myPV IQ MET Station with VirtualMeter capabilities.

The myPVTM IQ MET Station is the ONLY weather station on the market that calculates expected generation, even during loss of power!


EMTR Station

A preconfigured metering solution with battery back-up and network connectivity built-in.

Troubleshoot grid electrical conditions and know what your PV solar plant is actually generating.

MyPVTM IQ’s EMTR Station provides utility-class revenue-grade power quality metering and energy recording for billing and performance reporting.

myPV IQ EMTR Station for power quality and energy metering.

Identify grid faults even after a power loss with the myPVTM IQ EMTR Station's Power Loss Ride-Through capability!


XFMR Station

The concept of a "connected plant", where devices are networked and can be monitored and controlled, often overlooks the humble transformer. The XFMR Station bridges this gap by providing a battery backed-up network hub and a means to easily monitor your transformer's critical oil health condition locally and remotely.

myPV IQ’s XFMR Station serves as a connection point at the transformer equipment pad for tracker controllers, central inverters, and string inverter aggregator loggers. In addition, it provides oil level, temperature, and pressure status conditions.

myPV IQ XFMR Station provides safe transformer oil condition monitoring and serves as a battery backed-up network switch for inverter connectivity.

The myPVTM IQ XFMR Station elevates preventative maintenance; making active transformer monitoring easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone!


Monitoring & Control Software

Forget everything you thought you knew about PV monitoring and SCADA. The myPVTM IQ Software platform is a paradigm shift, delivering utility-class features to everyone.

Engineered to serve the needs of PV solar EPCs, Owner/Operators, and O&M providers; myPVTM IQ Software platform provides actionable information to locate and resolve problems quickly.

myPV IQ Software. Forget everything you know about monitiorng & SCADA.

Identify grid faults even after a power loss with the myPVTM IQ EMTR Station's Power Loss Ride-Through capability!


Standard Features


Available Options

Pick & choose the myPVTM IQ products that are right for you!

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