myPV ClearSky Interconnection

Eliminate the Poles & Bucket Trucks

Keep Your Costs & Risks Down to Earth

Your facility’s interconnection-in-a-box!

Metering, Protective Relaying (Recloser), Fused Cutouts, and SCADA delivered.


An evolution for PV & PV+Storage Facilities:

  • Install & Commission Faster
  • Simplified Engineering & Procurement
  • Reduced Construction Risk & Auditing
  • For New PV Solar Interconnections
  • Perfect for ESS Retrofit Applications
  • SEL-735 Metering & SEL-751 Relaying
  • Built-In SCADA Supports Capacity Testing & Remote Reclosing, Compatible for Parallel Operation With Third-Party Systems.


The ClearSky Interconnection arrives pre-wired, pre-configured, and ready to operate.

Eliminating three (3) of the most expensive to build and own MV poles, the ClearSky includes fusing, metering, and protective relaying/reclosing in a single pad-mount enclosure that eliminates overhead work.


Factory tested and certified, each ClearSky Interconnection arrives pre-wired and pre-configured to ensure these critical functions operating properly from the moment back-feed is allowed, customized to your Interconnection Agreement’s specific requirements.

All equipment certifications and settings files delivered electronically with each each unit for inclusion in your commissioning package.

Even on battery backup, metering & relay connectivity and settings may be confirmed before backed is available.


The Metering is pre-wired and pre-configured ensuring proper phasing, power and energy monitoring on arrival.

The Protective Relay is pre-wired and pre-configured to properly respect the correct flow of current to the Utility, and with your facility’s required interconnection settings.

All Meter & Relay calibration certificates and settings files are provided electronically for delivery to the Utility; simplifying your commissioning process.


Never miss a kWh, and never delay a capacity test report again.
Every ClearSky Interconnection arrives with myPV IQ SCADA built-in, delivering metering monitoring and protection relay control.  From the moment your facility is energized, you’ll have instant visibility and control of you facility.


Eliminating the need for MV Overhead Work:

  • Self-Perform Single-Phase Testing at Ground-Level
  • Replace Fused Cutouts or CTs with no Bucket Truck
  • Inspect the Facility’s Interconnection as easy as a Transformer or Switch Board
  • Isolate the Facility at the Push-of-a-Button

MYTH: Overhead MV is less expensive than underground (or pad-mounted) gear.

Underground equipment can be very cost effective for specific applications, consolidating multiple features into a compact and purpose-built assembly.

Overhead MV poses very real challenges for PV Solar maintenance crews who do not typically have access to bucket trucks or possess specialized lineman training.

The ClearSky Interconnection provides a purpose-built solution for PV Solar maintenance that supports resiliency, reliability, and budget control for O&M.


Every ClearSky Interconnection arrives to your facility:

  • Less than 5,000 Lbs, no Crane Required
  • UL 508a Labeled Controls Solutions
  • Built to ANSI, NEMA & IEEE Standards
  • 11 Gauge, NEMA 3R, Powder-coated Enclosure
  • Self-Powered, Service Power Is Not Required
  • RJ45 10/100BaseT(X) Fast Ethernet Switch
  • Wide Temperature Range Rated Electronics
  • Battery Backup for Meter, Relay & SCADA

  • 15kV, 25kV, and 35kV Standard Models
  • Revenue Grade PT’s & CTs, Relay Class CTs
  • Load Break Single-Phase Testing Cutouts (<=300A)


Customize your ClearSky these standard options:

  • Upgrade to a Multimode Fiber Switch (ST or SC)
  • Upgrade to a PoE Secure P2P WIFI Network

Need another customization? Contact us

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