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August 2019



Working Toward a Universal Goal

Helping Solar Succeed!

By Brad Micallef, President and Managing Director & President

I think we can all agree that the fastest way to reduce carbon emissions is by reducing the need to burn fossil fuels with more renewable energy, including PV solar plants. The good news is that it’s happening by leaps and bounds! New development is driven by technology improvements, economic policy, and by removing barriers that allow integration of renewable resources into our existing transmission and distribution grids.

For larger utility-owned PV solar (generally above 20MW), the requirement to have a control system (SCADA); capable of realtime monitoring that can modify the operation of the generator to match grid conditions, is a necessity. These SCADA systems are highly specialized, require significant consulting and custom programming to commission, and can be a significant cost to purchase and support as well.

For smaller PV solar facilities, however (generally below 20MW), monitoring-only (DAS) systems with much slower 15-minute data intervals are more normal. The data from these systems is only used to analyze the performance of the solar plant and help identify issues that may need maintenance … they are not capable of control. These DAS systems are generally lower cost than their SCADA cousins and simply more affordable for smaller projects.

This creates a unique situation as these smaller utility scale PV solar are the fastest growing market for new installations; a growing fleet of uncontrolled distributed generating resources. This is not only a bit concerning, it is a natural barrier to market penetration for additional solar and storage too.

Understanding the challenges of costs, standardization, and operating requirements; Solar-Ops is launching myPV IQ specifically aimed to allow SCADA-level control features at DAS-level prices for the 20MW and below PV solar sector. myPV IQ is a family of hardware products and software platform that provide a complete solution for smaller utility scale and C&I PV solar projects.

The myPV IQ monitoring and control solution creates reliable communication to all of the PV solar plant’s inverters, meters, weather stations, and batteries. Build a reliable connected plant system with the myPV IQ product line of easy to install and highly flexible networked devices:

  • MET Station
    A complete weather station solution with sensor options to meet cost sensitive budgets as well as demanding performance analysis requirements.
  • EMTR Station
    A pre-configured metering package that is compatible with MV and behind-the-meter LV installations that includes all power and network hardware in a single package.
  • XFMR Station
    A network hub to connect your inverter(s) to, as well as a transformer I/O monitor for digital contact enabled gauges.

Each product provides network options for fiber, copper, or wireless; and has a battery back-up to ensure important alarm messages and monitored conditions are recorded to troubleshoot fault conditions. Whether you have your own SCADA package, RTU, DCS, or third-party monitoring system; these hardware components may be configured, installed, and connected to your system communicating Modbus TCP/IP for easy integration.

We didn’t stop with hardware though, the myPV IQ Software offers a complete software platform for monitoring and control as well.

The myPV IQ Software is installed on an industrial hardened computer provided by Solar-Ops and may be installed in any PV solar plant network connected location. The software interface is web-based and may be accessed securely on the plant network by users with a registered account.

Here's how myPV IQ helps solar succeed on a universal scale, using modular hardware components and powerful modern software:

  • 100% Integration
    We decided early-on that playing nicely with others fulfills our mission faster of helping all solar projects succeed. Each of our products are designed to plug and play, mix and match. Our solutions integrate easily and are MODBUS TPC/IP compatible, with no programming required.
  • Effortless Installation
    You don’t need a control engineer to install any of our products. Simply provide power and connect to the network. There is no complicated sensor wiring or programming, each module arrives pre-configured, pre-tested and fully-charged, with keyed-radial connections for all sensors.
  • Proven Reliability
    We know they work because we’ve tested them over time in our solar lab. And you’ll know it works because it’s ready to install and test with a fully-charged, integrated battery back-up.
  • Affordable & Available
    We use high quality industrial grade components, build to UL 508a standards, and still price our products to be comparable to monitoring-only solutions. We want to earn your business through great products, great support, and by helping your projects succeed. We’ll answer the phone when you call!

Notable Features at-a-glance:

  • Affordable
    Low flat recurring annual fees and no limit on user accounts
  • Accessible
    Web Based HTML5; no special software required, access securely locally and remotely
  • Compatible
    Communication with any Modbus TCP device is easy using reusable and configurable Device Templates
  • Customizable
    The interface is assembled from configurable tiles and views that may be configured and arranged to support the way you want to view your project
  • Integration Friendly
    The myPV IQ Software may be used in series or parallel to other systems, supporting standard interfaces including: JSON, Modbus, MQTT, ODBC, and OSI PI
  • Powerful
    Realtime data and alarms, recloser control, active power and power factor control, energy storage integration and scheduling
  • Reliable
    myPV IQ Software has been in development for four years, being used on our company’s own fleet of PV solar projects exceeding 100MW across 22 facilities, and numerous client applications.
  • Scalable
    Each myPV IQ Software installation is located at the actual PV solar facility, storing data locally, creating a distributed monitoring control system that grows with your portfolio of projects.
  • Security Aware
    Hashed security credentials, User accounts roles restrict permissions, NERC-CIP compatible event and change logging is built-in.

Some say the best way to predict the future is to invent it, and that’s just what we’ve set out to do at Solar-ops. We work on creating universal turnkey solutions daily, in the office and in the field, to help solar power succeed.

Solar Operations Solutions, LLC (Solar-Ops) is a full-service Utility Scale PV Solar O&M service provider and technology solutions developer. With over 100MW under management, and over 3GW of combined development and O&M experience, Solar-Ops has experience with a broad range of equipment, project locations, and utilities.

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