December 2019

The RVC Solution Enables Solar Success!

By Brad Micallef, President and Managing Director of Solar Operations Solutions, LLC.

RVC Solution Success

Solar Operations Solutions, LLC successfully launches its RVC Solution for utility scale PV solar projects that have interconnections constrained by the effects of transformer inrush and rapid voltage change.

“We could not be more pleased with the final form of the RVC Solution ... a product that is simple to install and 100% automated.”, said Brad Micallef, Managing Director of Solar Operations Solutions, LLC (Solar-Ops).

Over a year and half ago, O2 emc approached Solar-Ops with a new utility interconnection requirement that threatened the viability of a late stage solar project named Gamble Solar. This project, permitted for construction in Bostic NC as a 3MW generating facility, had a problem. A utility study of the sub-station’s feeder identified potential power quality problems as a result of the initial energization of Gamble Solar’s two proposed power transformers following any grid outage events.

Transformer energization (also referred to as magnetization) power quality concerns are not new, and also are not limited to solar projects. Anyone who has experienced a slight dimming of lights in their home or office for a moment following the HVAC units switching on, or a large commercial refrigerator compressor kicking-in, has experienced similar effects of a sudden sag in voltage. Although recovered from within seconds, the rapid change in voltage is a highly undesirable condition for sensitive electronic equipment, backup power generators, and critical infrastructure such as hospitals.

RVC Solution Success

Brad explains, “You can think of the RVC Solution as kind of soft-start for solar facility transformers, mitigating the effects of rapid voltage change, and enabling much deeper penetration of renewables on the existing utility distribution systems where it is needed most.”

At Gamble Solar, a 15kV version of the RVC Solution successfully passed Duke Energy’s comprehensive utility audit inspection and witness tests, enabling Gamble Solar to achieve commercial operation on-time and within budget.

RVC Solution Success

Solar-Ops offers both 15kV and 25kV versions of the RVC Solution for developers to easily incorporate into their solar project designs, both available on short 10-12 week delivery timeframes.

For more information on the RVC Solution, and other innovative products designed to enable utility scale PV solar project success, visit Solar-Ops’ product solutions website today.