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myPV™ is a registered trademark of Solar Operations Solutions, LLC

myPV™ is a dedicated brand for professional PV solar products.


As an O&M provider with over 3GW of project construction and asset management experience, we created myPV software and hardware products to provide professional grade solutions that are reliable and useful.

Working with a myriad of custom and commercial offerings over the past decade, the solar industry tends to adopt existing products from similar applications and evolve those products over time to improve their fit for. solar.

Monitoring and SCADA systems are a particularly difficult product to evolve in this manner for three reasons:

  • 1. The solution is not one single part, these systems are multiple hardware and software components from multiple vendors.
  • 2. The solutions requires multiple disciplines: hardware, software, instrumentation & controls, metering, electrical systems, data analysis, and network infrastructure knowledge
  • 3. Each solar facility has unique requirements due to equipment selection, geographic layout, and operational requirements.

myPV tackles these challenges by applying three simple principles:

  • Any system solution is only as good as its weakest link. Ensure that each hardware and software product can act as both as a standalone product and also operate integrally in a system as well. This ensures both design and operational robustness of each link.
  • Focus on solving the actual problem in a manner that delivers value, then innovate that solution to address cost efficiency. Never let cost influence the initial design, ensure solutions actually deliver value for end-users.
  • Learn from today, but look to tomorrow. The solar industry is rapidly changing and the greatest challenges and opportunities lay in front of us. Ensure products are built to grow, expand, adapt by adopting open standards, are platform independent, and are not tied to a single business model.


Solar Operations Solutions, LLC (Solar-Ops) tests, deploys, and refines myPV products in our fleet of managed assets.

myPV IQ’s SCADA originated in 2015 with our own need to consolidate a fleet of assets into a single monitoring platform to improve operational availability and commercial profitability of the assets.

Struggling to continually mend broken networks, replace improperly rated electronics, and re-engineer non-operational weather stations … the assets’ existing monitoring solutions were more work to maintain than the solar facility equipment themselves. With monitoring data being such a core requirement for operational awareness, non-functioning monitoring systems eroded O&M profitability due to uninformed service calls and frequent fire-fighting activities to chase problems.

Frustrated, we turned to existing monitoring providers for consolidation proposals.

While the upfront cost of consolidation was not unexpectedly high, long term considerations had to be weighted:

  • PROBLEM 1 - Consolidation with a cloud based provider meant our fleet’s data was locked in a third party’s database and subject to that provider’s financial solvency … independent of the solar facility itself.
  • PROBLEM 2 - Unlike construction where the monitoring system is a capital expenditure which typically includes a few years of monitoring service fees, any consolidation costs would be borne by the O&M budget as additional OPEX cost.
  • PROBLEM 3 - The commercial offerings were monitoring only, and tied to the providers cellular network plans. The ability to remote access equipment for troubleshooting, the ability to introduce controls and new equipment, and support operations with higher resolution data were all disadvantaged.

All of it just seemed like the wrong approach and a bad investment.  Our path was clear, myPV was born!

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